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Hand holding phone showing a TikTok profile with a variety of posts and other content showing in the profile.
Social media

How you can use TikTok Notes for your Brand

Have you been seeing the notifications “__ is on TikTok Notes” on your TikTok lately, and like us a few weeks ago, had no clue what “TikTok Notes” was? If your answer is yes, by the end of this blog you’ll have the rundown on what TikTok Notes is and whether it’s a suitable tool for your business’s marketing.

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UGC creator shows product she is advertising to her phone camera.
Digital marketing

Is Untrendy the New Trendy? The Rise of the De-influencer and UGC

Influencers sharing “perfect” lifestyles and unrealistic ideals are starting to be consumed by less, and the lines between “influencer” and “normal person” content are now more blurred than ever. This blog explores how influencer marketing content has changed into what it is today, and how the average person is getting into similar marketing, without the hassle of building a profile first. 

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Two children wearing Australia merch celebrating Australia Day

How to Handle Sensitive Topics in Your Social Media

We’re sure you’ve heard recent news of Woolworths, Big W and Aldi announcing that they will no longer be selling Australia Day merchandise. This has led to numerous discussions on how brands should be positioning themselves when it comes to sensitive topics. We’re exploring some ways you can handle sensitive topics on your social media.

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